Colleges are dumb

I was accepted into GSU and their Panther Answer chat service is down because of a Single Sign On error, loading a page for the college to contact their Salesforce agent.

I mean, seeing that they have a programming college course, I cannot see why they would not just build their own platform for engaging with students.

Why are colleges so dumb?

*I have been on hold for about 35 minutes waiting on the phone to talk to Admissions because my actual entry to classes will be delayed due to a paperwork snafu. So this is why I am frustrated.

For the same reason I pay others to handle my payment processing and maintain my subscription site code. Reinventing the wheel for everything is expensive and time-consuming.

Using a service you rely on as a teaching tool can be just as costly.


Well LOL on them because their services are down right now.

It happens, and that wouldn’t change if they wrote it themselves. :wink: