Collect Project Items fails when using pictures with same filename

Maybe this is me doing it wrong. I have an icon set (“Thin icons”) that offers multiple sizes of the icons. The icons are separated into different folders with the name of the folder indicating the size. I have converted my project to HiDPI by using Image Sets and dragging the same file from the 24, 48 and 64 folders into the Image Set. Works just fine.

However, when trying to Collect Project Items, it fails with errors " already existed and could not be overwritten".
To work around this I am now changing the filenames of the icons dragged into 2x and 3x but it would have been nice if the IDE could do this automatically when Collecting Project Items.

I do not use HiDPI, but I saw image “sets” stored in the same folder that have suffix to differentiate thm:


(I even saw images following this naming convention in html folders…).

Yeah, that fixed it.
The IDE isn’t smart enough though. I re-use the @2 and @3 images for a bigger version with another name. Instead of using that unique project-specific name the IDE simply tried to copy the images again and failed. Workaround was to copy and rename the files again… A bit confusing when there is no connect between the project name and the actual file name.

There also is reserved words like Linux (I think): if you import an image file with one of these names, the IDE rename it adding -1 (or simply 1). Once you know, you set a different name to oyur image (like Tux for a Linux logo…).