Does anyone know of a good coffee shop with good coffee near the XDC hotel? some of us have become coffee snobs (and yes I am referring about myself).

Surrounded by Starbucks, if that helps.

a view steps away:

Quad Espresso? WOW

those are called “bad morning eye opener”s at my office. I try to limit myself to triples unless it is a really really bad day

starbucks is acceptable but I generally prefer local coffee shops.

[quote=377600:@Peter Schubert]a view steps away:[/quote]

I will have to check them out.

I didn’t know if anyone knew about these places (been to them).

thanks all! my caffeine addiction thanks you too!

It looks like the Fluid Coffee Bar is in the Magnolia Hotel entrance.
Seems to be well reviewed on google and yelp. That’s pretty close.
See Google maps for more details, I can’t find a useful link to post here, sorry.