Codesigning worked in Terminal but not in App Wrapper


So I just joined the Apple Developer program to codesign some of my apps (tired of the warning Mac OS throws…) and downloaded the certificate.
I gave a try to App Wrapper (in demo mode). When I select my certificate under “Code signature”, a red label shows “Both cert missing”. So I tried in the Terminal. The first time, I got the “resource, Finder info or other detritus not allowed” error, which, thankfully to this forum, I corrected. The second time, it worked! (my first app codesigned ?. I was afraid, because many posts in this forum are about this being difficult at first.)

Anyway, I tried Google with this error in App Wrapper and got only one result, irrelevant. What are these “both cert” about?

Open Codesign Diagnostics in the Tools menu
What does it have to say there?
If not using the App Store, you would need
Developer ID Application
Developer ID Installer

in the Website distribution section.

About two weeks ago, I became aware that Apple has now stopped issuing certain code signing certificates for the Mac. I’ve redesigned the code sign selector and re-written swatches of the code base (some of it spans 8 years) to use the iOS signing certificates in this situation, whilst at the same time I’ve been dealing with a breakage created for some Catalina customers. There’s also a newer code signing diagnostics to check a bunch of other things that can and do go wrong.

I have also started a new design that would provide a solution, when this situation arises again, it took 'em 8 years to break this, but at the rate they break things now, I don’t expect it to be that long before it’s changed again.

I have a build ready for you to test, it’s compiled and sitting on my computer. I wanted to post it to a location so that people could test it over the weekend, but Apple had a different idea, and currently I’m unable to Notarize. This will be the 3rd weekend in a row whereby the Notarization service has had some kind of thing that’s prevented me from shipping builds to customers.

Depending on the size of your project, that code signing command you typed in the terminal, could be one of 40 things App Wrapper does to your application, or it could be one of hundreds of things that App Wrapper does.

[quote=463188:@Jeff Tullin]Open Codesign Diagnostics in the Tools menu
What does it have to say there?[/quote]
There are some warnings. Except the ones concerning the app store (which I don’t plan to use), the remaining warning reads “Installer signing identity not found.”.

[quote=463188:@Jeff Tullin]If not using the App Store, you would need
Developer ID Application
Developer ID Installer

in the Website distribution section.[/quote]
OK, the installer one may be the problem. I’m seeing, in XCode’s certificates management window, that I have the option to add certificates (the “+” bevel button near the bottom of the window). I’ll try that.
Thank you!

Which kind of certificates have been stopped? Does it apply to Xojo/its users?

That’s a big problem with Apple. They “want” every programmer to use their tools and make the most they can to discourage uses of other programming languages/IDE than XCode along with the provided tools.
I’m always fearing the day XCode will be the only allowed IDE able to build for Macs, Apple deciding to withdraw anything but their tools, should this be legal… In those days, I’ll just keep using older computers with older softwares and make apps only for me…

Since, AFAIK, notarising isn’t mandatory on 10.14.6 (the OS I’m running), why don’t you release it for “half” the users?

You’re promoting your app, don’t you? ?
(unless I’m translating what you wrote incorrectly…)

Thank you.

Okay, so this is the first release with all that code changed. I spent some hours with it yesterday and this morning. I FULLY EXPECT THERE TO BE ISSUES, so do not replace your working copy of App Wrapper just yet. As always, this copy of App Wrapper, is wrapped with this copy of App Wrapper.

It applies to everyone, if you have existing ones, they’ll work until they expire, but some users are getting only the new ones, which App Wrapper has ignored, because of the name and they’re for iOS not Mac.

I’m fully expecting one of these days that the Mac is considered merely a development tool for iOS only.

Because the first customer to report this and to very patiently assist me with running all sorts of tests, is using 10.5. To release it without this customer being able to use it, isn’t fair to the customer IMHO.

I suck at marketing, especially when I am so tired as I am at the moment. i rather poorly wanted to explain that code signing is only a fraction of what App Wrapper does.

I would absolutely love it if it was a level playing field, whereby Apple would document and publish changes to their application submission procedures prior to the actual changes being enforced, but they don’t. Hence why I am always behind. Sometimes when I speak to Apple developer relations, I get the impression that it’s my privilege to be able to develop App Wrapper for the Mac, and I should be happy that they even allow it outside of the App Store. Of course the only tool for this job that’s allowed in the App Store, is Xcode.

I just tried
under Catalina (OSX 10.15.1) and it worked without a hitch.
Of course, I do have the Xcode command line tools installed, and that probably makes a difference.
I have trouble understanding the instructions Apple gives for code signing and notarising. The hard work Sam does to make this process easier has saved me a heap of grief.

This is valuable around the world.