Codesign oddity just appeared

Hi Folks,

A codesign event that has worked successfully for quite a while just started through this error:

Warning: unable to build chain to self-signed root for signer “Developer ID Application: Other World Computing (XXXXXXXXXXX)”

This is on a system that I just reinstalled with 10.14 and reloaded my certs onto. I’ve made sure that they were set for “Always Trust” and the evaluation step says all if well. I then create a scrap Cocoa App that succeeds.

Any ideas?

Just a guess: did you renew the WWDR certificate? (WWDR Intermediate Certificate Expiration - Support - Apple Developer)

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Yep - the G3 and the G4 intermediate certs. Also deleted my account from Xcode and recreated it.

Went through the same steps on another El Cap system and it worked as expected … because, Apple :frowning: