Codesign Linux Apps?

Do people generally codesign a Linux app?
And if so, does doing it on a windows box with a certifcate used for Windows exes do the job?

I only heard about codesigning for Linux at a weird astro-rave I went to in 2004. I think someone was doing it for shots in a backroom. Nobody took it seriously.

For a more serious answer:
I think it’s a joke with the amount of OSS that is downloaded and compiled on to the typical Linux machine.

Nope. In Linux people do not sign code. There are 3 usual ways people use to check reliability and authorship.

  • Know the source. Compile from source.
  • Install from some curated app store.
  • Download from the trusted author’s website, or anywhere, but check the known check code from the author’s package to avoid tampering (like a published MD5 or SHA code for such ISO or ZIP) as shown here: Verifying Downloads | Ubuntu MATE