Codesign for mac app store error

Hi there.
I have a big problem submitting an app to Mac App Store.
Xojo 2021 r2, and AppWrapper 4.3.1, when i sign an application for the mac app store and I try it I have the message “The application is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete the application and download from the App Store again” (see image)

In AppWrapper I checked my certificates and seems all ok

macOS version 11.5 (build 20g71)
Xcode and required tools check
0 /Applications/ 12.5.1 (12E507)
0 /usr/bin/codesign 30.100.2
0 /Applications/ 980.1
0 /usr/bin/productbuild 763.0
0 /usr/sbin/spctl 313.140.4
0 /Applications/ 33.0
0 /Applications/ 404.30
0 /Applications/
0 /Users/Shared/awhelper 341.
Xcode licensed: YES

— System-i snc di E. Piccini e S. Tamborini (65WV5BPG3S)
4 AIK 2022-05-29 login-db “3rd Party Mac Developer Installer” Good
AAK 2022-05-29 login-db “3rd Party Mac Developer Application” Good
ADK 2022-05-29 login-db “Mac Developer: Sergio Tamborini (CS7XAK62H7)” Good
AAK 2022-05-29 login-db “iPhone Distribution” Good
AAK 2022-05-29 login-db “iPhone Distribution” Good
ADK 2022-05-29 login-db “iPhone Developer: Sergio Tamborini (CS7XAK62H7)” Good
3 AAK 2022-05-29 login-db “Apple Distribution” Good
5 ADK 2022-05-29 login-db “Apple Development: Sergio Tamborini (CS7XAK62H7)” Good
1 WAK 2026-05-30 login-db “Developer ID Application” Good
2 WIK 2026-05-30 login-db “Developer ID Installer” Good

— Intermediate authority certificates
✓ 2030-02-20 login-db “Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority” 7CAF690A25B739FE7B9B447AC178C5EE Good
✓ 2027-02-02 login-db “Developer ID Certification Authority” 1763908746353189132 Good


When I codesign the app for “website” (outside the appstore) all works fine.

Any suggestion?

Thanks a lot for now!

Yesterday a guy had problems with the same error. The culprit were some html files that were copied into the app.

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Move it to the Applications folder and try again.

If that still fails, please use the “Contact Ohanaware” option on the “Help” menu to send me an e-mail with your log file and some other data.

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In this project there is no html files… in other I have some, but in this specific one no… Anyway I’ll give a look in the projects where there is. Thanks for the suggestion.

All done but the problem still alive :frowning:

Sended by email right now… Thanks for the support

For the others… I solved (with @Sam_Rowlands help) removing all certificates, then generate them again and reinstalled.

I think people like Sam (and @Christian_Schmitz too for other cases) are very special, because they go beyond their role and help people (like me) to understand and learn every day!


These are photographies of your screen?

Instead of, just try to press Cmd-Shift-4 to take a screenshot as file. :slight_smile:

Cmd-Shift-4, then Space, then move the Mouse cursor above the window you want the screen shot, then click.

You will get a screen shot of the window (no data from elsewhere / no need to select a part of the screen).