Codesign Cert for Windows

I finally succeeded in code signing my app and dmg file for Mac. I now need to code sign my windows version. I looked into KSoftware but I don’t have a business license or business name and Comodo wanted all kinds of info I don’t have. I plan on selling through my Web site, and once I get a permanent address I’ll look at a DBA (I’m staying with relatives temporarily). I just need a certificate to codesign my Windows app. Does anyone have suggestions on a cert provider that doesn’t require going through Comodo. Later when I’m more settled I have no problem gong through KSoftware and Comodo.


I went through Comodo and when my cert is almost expired I will go through KSoftware (Comodo reseller). I got my cert as an individual not a business. You will need to have your identity proven by Notary Public.

Contact KSoftware and they can help you with the forms you need to have filled out and answer your questions

What are the kind of info you don’t have? How is Comodo going to authenticate/verify that you are who you are? All other Codesign Authorities will ask the same questions before they can put their name in the certificate and take responsibility to say you are who you are.

To avoid the hassle of getting a CodeSign cert under your own name (identity authentication may be a hassle), you can get a D-U-N-S number from Dun and Bradsheet (DnB) with a business name. The business name must not be fictitious and can be verified with a business registration authority.

If you apple to DnB direct, they will charge you a few hundred dollars. But if you through Apple at the link, you get it free:

DnB will call in about a week to verify. If they ask whether you are operating as a sole-proprietor, tell them you are at the moment and you are looking for partners. They will issue your business a D-U-N-S number within 2 days. Because you don’t need a D-U-N-S number to register an Apple developer license if you are a sole proprietor.

With a D-U-N-S number, your application for CodeSign is almost done within a day or 2. Comodo does not do renewal, so upon every expiry is a new purchase.

Recently, I converted my Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) company to a sole-proprietor and I am saying this from 1-month-old experience. Even though I keep the same name (fictitious for explanantion) “MyComany LLP” to “MyCompany”, address and phone number, DnB said that my business registration number is different so I have to get a new D-U-N-S. They advise me to get it free via Apple.

Thank you Brian Franco and Cho Sing Kum. I called KSoftware today and have purchased my cert through them. They were very helpful. I’m waiting hear from Comodo. I will pursue getting my identity proven by Notary Public.

My reply is perhaps a bit late, but I’m using StartSSL codesigning certificate. Although StartSSL had trouble recently with their web server certificates, code signing ones are not affected.