[CODE] Tag is missing in Toolbar or?

i not see this CODE start/end



manual input with code in square brackets

Code button is </>

it looks different

`Tap again for single bactick, looks like`

EDIT: OK, that’s odd.

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I’ve been doing ``` manually as the one above seems to only be for non-code blocks

If X=Y Then
End If

Used the </> on each line.

dim a as string

edit: that’s a single tick, no colour

you can’t change the toolbar button that it insert [ CODE ] & [ /CODE ] ?

dim a as string

that’s a triple ``` but you can’t put them on the same line as code
yes, very jank

Yeah, the markdown way is with

To do it with the toolbar, you have to hit the code button for each line.

Markdown versus bbcode.

dim a as string
a = "1"
that doesnt work for me, I just end up with multiple lines with no colour

i think its better if it add [ code ] around a selection or just add a start & end tag and we can insert text from clipboard.

Now testing from Desktop.
Inline code with backticks
`Inline code` with backticks

```# code block
print '3 backticks or'
print 'indent 4 spaces'```
····# code block
····print '3 backticks or'
····print 'indent 4 spaces'

It looks like the button on the toolbar is only going to give you inline code tags. For anything more, you need to use Markdown or HTML (though I don’t see any syntax highlighting with HTML).

Uses a CODE tag
If X = 0 Then


Uses a CODE BBCode tag. Doesn't appear to like multiline? If X = 0 Then

Multiple rendering types are enabled.

The interesting thing is, on my iOS Chrome, hitting the </> button inserts the four-space preformatted formatting for code, which is why mine in this post looked correct.