Code Sign Universal Binary

I am trying to code sign a older Universal Binary. Everything runs fine on 10.6 and above. However, after code signing, I am no longer able to run the app on a PPC computer running 10.5.8. All I get is a message stating that the apps needs a newer OS in order to run. The unsigned app runs just fine on the PPC. Is there a command switch that I should be using to allow the app to run on both 10.8+ and 10.5?

What version of Real Studio is using?

Both RS2010r1 and RS2011r2.

However, after further investigation, not all of the apps that are code signed say that they require a newer OS. Only some of the apps say that. Other apps, compiled with the same compilers and signed with the same signing script, run just fine. So far I have not been able to find any correlation between the apps that run and those that don’t.

You’re going to have to split your apps into PPC version and Intel based. AFAIK Mavericks refuses to properly code sign anything with PPC code in it.

I am code signing with 10.6. Some of the apps work after code signing and some claim they need a newer OS after code signing. I have two apps that are nearly identical in terms of components used, and after signing, one works and the other claims it needs a new OS.

OK, turns out it was the code itself wrongly flagging signed PPC code as an issue. For the record, Mac App Store code signing should not be confused with the code signing used on Universal Binaries to get past Gatekeeper.