Code not editable

Before 2022r1 I had that sometimes: I could search and edit the controls. But code became not editable.

Now with 2022r1 after every debug run I can’t edit the code anymore. It drives me bonkers. It happens on 2 computers.

Even the localised strings show up as not editable:

After reloading the project the localised string are editable again:

Until the next debug run.

What is causing this behaviour? macOS High Sierra and Monterey.

Is it just me having such fun?

My code is external items in xml.

I haven’t seen this, but I use text format for most of my projects unless I’m just working on an idea in a throw-away project, then it’s binary.

I had the same issue. Working with external files in a Xojo Project, edit some code of it and save the project file results into the fact, the code is no longer editable, until you close and re-open the Project again in Xojo.

Ah. I don’t use external files anymore. That must be it.

You mean you change the content of a file containing, say, code, behind the back of the IDE? How can this be safe?

I have seen this on a few occasions - always when trying to edit an external item. Of course I thought it odd but I just rebooted Xojo and all went away. I’ll pay closer attention next time.

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I don’t think they’re editing it outside Xojo, but when they edit an external item inside Xojo, then Run/Build, the external item is no longer editable until reloaded.


@Anthony_G_Cyphers : exactly.

I looked for a case in Issues and didn’t find one. I’d encourage one of you experiencing this to open a case. That’s a pretty nasty bug.

What file type are the external items, we use xojo_xml_code and have never seen this.
Could the base-folder be shared by icloud ?

I’m only using xojo_xml_code as file ending and there is no cloud involved.

Like others, I’ve seen this once in a while and it was never reproducible. I’ve even had external items, where I could edit the code, but the changes were not included when running the project, nor saved when I saved the project.

Restarting Xojo seemed to fix it.

@Sam_Rowlands : yup, that was quite some years ago. Lost the work of days.

I made a bug report: Xojo: Account Login

Ouch, the link is ugly.

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