CocoaControlMBS control deprecated

I’m getting some warnings that CocoaControlMBS control is deprecated. What is the replacement for CocoaControlMBS? I’m using CustomNSViewMBS and NSPathControlMBS.

The problem with CocoaControlMBS is, that it just hosts a Cocoa NSView and doesn’t integrate with Xojo for tab handling, drag and drop or mouse events.
So I tried to make extra controls for the most used NSView.

So you would need a control for NSPathControlMBS?

CustomNSViewMBS on the other side allows you to write your own NSView subclass in Xojo.

Eventually, I would need the NSPathControlMBS. I use the CustomNSViewMBS for a popover window:

I would second Beatrix’s wish to have a CocoaControlMBS-free NSPathControlMBS as I try to keep my applications without the deprecated warning. NSPathControlMBS is very handy when it comes to dealing with the file system