Cmd-V does not works !

In a graphic application (project), I use SaveAsDialog to save an image build in a Canvas from two user selectable sources.

I have a SuggestedFileName used as a Prefix, and I add specific data either using the Keyboard OR using Paste (cmd-V).

Cmd-V does not works when the Dialog is open (nor Cut, Copy…).

There is no specific Class that traps the Edit Menu MenuItems, the project does not put any graphic into the CLipboard, etc.

Used OS X is El Capitan.
Used Xojo: 2015r1.

I tried my project with Xojo 2016r4 and have the same issue. (Xojo: 2016r41 is downloading, but I do not expect any change).

Nota: I know an Apple bug that is related to this one, but this is different. Explanation: cmd-s to save the data (not only image, all kind of data), drop a folder from the Finder into the SaveAsDialog (or SaveDialog), then try to Paste (Cut, Copy): this does not works.
The above behavior does not exists in other applications on my MacBook Pro.

I just tried GetSaveFolderItem same thing cmd-v does not works in the file name field.

Ideas ?

Did you perhaps remove or alter any of the MainMenu default items?
Those need to be there and active, even if you make them invisibile, you just cannot delete them.

Hi Dave:
No I do not.

Thank you.

I just found the reason ! The workaround is:

If Clip.PictureAvailable And Self = Window(0) Then

and add an Else with Return False…

Explanation: This is a graphics application and I can Paste an image (you start to understand now)… When a dialog is frontmost, the cmd-v execute the MenuHandler, ni Picture available and left the Menu Handler (Return True)…

I had this kind of stuff with a ListBox in the background, that is why at last I added the And Self = Window(0) part.

When the Dialog is frontmost, the Menu Handler is not handled (Return False) so the cmd-v is handled as usual !