Cmd/Ctrl/Option Keys

Does anyone have or know where to find a list of the Cmd/Ctrl/Option keys that can safely be used by your own application
Obviously Cmd/Ctrl X,C,V and A should not be used (cut,copy,paste,selall)
nor F,G,N,O,S,P,Q or Z (Find,Replace,New,Open,Save,Print,Undo)

That looks like it leaves

I’d like a common set I can use between a macOS and Window version of the app

R is used to share files between two macs.
N for File New
O for File Open
T for new Tab,


Get an eye on the Finder.

Of course, not all are used “above” every application (like cmd-R) …

Better take the informationfrom apple:
Keyboard shortcuts:

I only need to exclude any “System” level commands (macOS/Windows)… those keys the CANNOT (or SHOULD not) be hijacked, redefined and are otherwise free to use.

So keys that are specific to a given application should not be an issue, as those would be the pool I can also choose from.
The letters I mentioned above, are “standard” keys for functions that my app also has (cut/paste/copy etc)

Note the link you supplied indicates keys that are “application” specific for Safari, not those that are “System” level or have a “standard” definition (ie. all apps use them for the same purpose)

Take out W as well. Command-W closes a window on a Mac.


Only if the APPLICATION indicates that to be its function.
Cmd-W has no affect on my app… but does close Finder , Mail and other applications windows…

Thanks Dave. I think it would be best practice to avoid using Command-W as an application defined shortcut in any case.


Sorry, I went too fast.

I hoe this one is better:
This one seems to be the good one.

The google search string was: +“Keyboard Shortcuts”

they are a lot of “Keyboard Shortcut” answers.