Cloud, User and Database management


I just buy a Xojo Cloud (basic) hosting. I’m very confusing on how I can manage my app users and manage their right on a database and on the cloud. I want to make an application with users. I want users can upload files on the server.

I cannot find any documentation on Xojo website. Maybe Xojo Cloud is not the service I need ?

Hi Sebastien!

The users that you can add in XOJO Cloud, allow these people you registered to use the cloud to deploy your applications made by third parties (your programmers).

To add users into your system or development, the web application required a database with a table of users who will use the web page.

Thank you @Jose_Fernandez_del_Valle

That’ s what I noted. I’m looking for sample app or tutorials

@Sebastien_REMY we used an MBS product as the base of our web app which is the subject of an XDev magazine article I have just finished writing (focussed on design and approach) however this product is Web 1.0 - are you looking for Web 2.0 ?

I don’t make my choice.

Not sure what that means ?