Cloud List Apps and Connection Errors

Hello Forum,

I have been happily using Xojo Cloud without issue for a long time.

I have an app (beta and live) running on Xojo Cloud. The apps are running fine.

I login to the Xojo website, then from the “Account Menu”, select “Cloud”, I then click “List Apps”.

Instead of getting a list of deployed apps, I receive the message “No apps have been deployed to this server.”

I performed a restart on the server, however the problem persists.

After restart I can no longer, deploy new versions of my app to the server. I receive the error “An error occurred while connecting to the Xojo Cloud Server”.

I am unsure how to move forward?

Kind regards, Andrew

Typically you’d contact tech support for this. We’re just waking up on the east coast, so I’ll take a look at your server shortly.

It should be working again.

Thank you Greg, working fine now.

My apologies, I’m on Australian Eastern Standard Time.

I did (in the first instance) raise a support ticket, then thought it may have been something I had done and could remedy with some advice.

BTW, the Xojo Cloud has been a flawless solution for me.

Greg, Thank you for your assistance (as always most appreciated).

Kind regards, Andrew