Cloud deployment

Hey so when ever i try to deploy my program to the cloud all that happens is a screen that pops up saying preparing test for deployment and that it will take a moment. But it never goes any further than that when I try to deploy. I had this problem once before and all I had to do was restart the IDE but that might have just been a coincidence to get it to work again. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

If you’re on Mac OS X, make sure AppNap is turned off for Xojo. Use Get Info from the Finder on the Xojo executable and check “Prevent App Nap”. Supposedly that’s happening automatically but I’ve not had issues with Xojo Cloud since I’ve done this.

If you’re on Windows or Linux I have no idea.

Im using Windows. Thanks though

I’d start by restarting your Xojo Cloud server through your control panel. If that doesn’t work contact customer support.

Yes, restarting can’t hurt. I’m talking to David about this now.

yes restarting it worked thank you