Close documentation window R2022

Mac R2022
How do I close the Help Window on a Mac? - Command - W doesn’t work.

Xojo202r1.1 here and Command - W works.
Not sure if there was a bug with 2022r1

I tried closing it on both v 1 and 1.1 and it didn’t work.

Can confirm cmd-w doesn’t work with 2022r1.1, the menu item isn’t enabled.

Thanks for confirming I’m not crazy

Ok, this is weird. Steps:

  • launch Xojo
  • click the ? for Help
  • click File and you will see Shift - Command - W to close the window
  • use Shift - Command - W and close the help
  • click the ? for Help
  • click File and you will see Command - W to close the window
  • use Command - W and close the help

If Command - W doesn’t work, try Shift - Command - W

Edit: if your project has tabs, then this behavior change and always Command - W for Tabs and Shift - Command - W for Windows


Should be ‘Shift - Command - W’

but sometimes could be Command - W

What “?” ? You don’t get a “?” until you’ve opened a project.

Running 2022r1.1 under Mojave: I always see cmd-W offered, and, in any case, my Documentation - not Help - window has red Close button.

Sorry, I skip a step, create new desktop project.

There was a problem where the Documentation window was bigger than macbook screen and we were not able to click the red Close button.

Ok so to make it clear, here the step by step:

  • launch Xojo 2022r1.1
  • Choose a project Desktop and click OK
  • click the ? icon on the toolbar or select menu Help - Documentation, the Documentation window will show
  • click menu File and you will see Close Window (Command - W)
  • you can use menu File Close Window to close the documentation window or the keyboard to do the same
  • open a new Tab for your empty project by clicking + sign
  • click to menu Help - Documentation again
  • click menu File
    do you see Command - W or Shift - Command - W?

Here is a GIF:


So it’s a question of whether you feel that cmd-W should close a ab or a window. Perhaps Xojo feels that it would be annoying for people to do cmd-W when they have some tabs open and the whole window goes.

But the doc window is in front of the possibly tabbed main window so should close with cmd-W always. Perhaps the OP should put in a feedback feature request.

Here is the problem using my MacBook Pro, no way to click the red Close button:

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A different bug, perhaps. The window title bar should not be able to go under the menu bar.

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Yes a different bug.

I was just trying to say that sometimes is not possible to use the red Close button and even if possible some people prefer to use the keyboard to do things than using the mouse.

@Arthur_Gabhart can you check if you see Command - W or Shift - Command - W?
On my tests I can close the Documentation window with the shortcut (accelerator?) that is shown in menu File but not the other, so Command - W doesn’t work if Close Window shows Shift - Command - W

For this, I just went to Window > Zoom, then dragged the bottom-right corner to resize the window. From then on, the window location and size is memorized and restored.

Someone on Twitter said it didn’t work for them, so your mileage may vary. I’m positive this is fixed for the next release, though.