Close a standalone web app

In Windows when i close the web app console window, by pressing the close button, the app does not trigger the app.close event.

What i’m doing wrong ?
There is a “soft” way to close the app instead of clicking the console window close button ?


I’ve seen an issue with close not firing properly as well on web pages. Closing the window should indeed fire the app.close event.

I think you can call app.quit as well to quit the web app.

The standalone web app is running in a console window.
When i want to close the app the only thing i can do is pressing the close box of console window.
Maybe i can recognize a URL parameter to make the app close itself but sometimes the app stop responding to web requests.
The app object is missing something a keypress event to let the user drive it.

The problem is in the fact that it is an app running inside of a console. When you close the terminal, the app just gets terminated. No Quit method is sent to the app.

You can terminate the web-app by pressing Ctrl-C within the console …

That still doesn’t solve his problem.

The only way to get App.Close to run is to call Quit from within the app itself.