Close a Project?

I am new to Xojo and have a question about closing a project.
Basically, how do I close a project without exiting Xojo? If I select File | New Project… another Xojo instance is started while the previous Xojo is still open with the other project. If I select File | Close Window the project is closed and Xojo shuts down.
Am I missing something simple?

If you want to keep Xojo running after you close the last windows, then look in Edit/Options in the General section. Select keep Xojo running.

Thanks. Not too obvious.

Follow up - I selected to keep Xojo running, but it still shuts down when I select File | Close Window. Tried it on and off and same thing happens.
I using Xogo 2019r1.1 on a Windows 10 64 bit system.

If you look in the tray, you will see that Xojo is still running. I just confirmed it with 19.1 and Win 10 64.

You’re right, it is shown as still running - although that’s an odd way of doing it.
Thanks, again.

As the system tray icon indicates, parts of the Xojo IDE are still in memory, so after closing all projects, the next one you open is much faster.

I find it helpful on Windows, so I use this feature.

on my iMac, i go to the project file in finder and drag and drop it on the icon on the dock

[quote=441625:@Gerald Mahun]You’re right, it is shown as still running - although that’s an odd way of doing it.
Thanks, again.[/quote]

From a usability standpoint they should really fall back to the choose a project window when there are no other windows left and then put a minimise button on it so you can drop it out of the way without closing it. Technically its bad design to drop down into the tray because Xojo doesn’t use notifications which is what the tray is there for. But I digress :wink: