Close a "manufactured" window via embedded control?

To enable the creation of multiple processes that are all managed in their own, I “manufacture” windows and then embed a new instance of a container into the new Window. That works wonderfully and really simplifies managing 5 or 6 (or more) process instances and allows the user to decide how the resulting workspace is laid out. However, the Windows may need to be closed by the user and I don’t want to use the general Window Close button. For old implementations where I’ve previously limited the user to 2 processes and pre-defined the windows, I used a PushButton that kicked off a timer to close the parent window.

How can I achieve this since I don’t know of a mechanism for a PushButton in a container in a container in a generically created window (Self.Parent.Parent.Close?) to close the window.

me.truewindow.close maybe ?

Weird - Forum says Norman responded 35 minutes ago, but there’s nothing here …

I guess he deleted the answer.

Edit: Tim, great that you got the email with his answer

Strange - however, the forum did send me the email and the answer (it works) is to use TrueWindow, so calling


from the PushButton works wonderfully.

As an addition. What you tried: Me.parent.close should also work. But maybe you should cast Me.Parent to the right class first.

Because the PushButton is 2 containers deep, it requires 2 parents. That was one of the issues I was trying to get to the bottom of. Self.Parent.Close did close the container, but Self.Parent.Parent.Close resulted in an NOE. TrueWindow resolved it very nicely.