Cloning a Pushbutton -_-

alright. what the hell.

dynamic objects. thought i graduated this class like ten years ago.

its not working. even in a blank project i cant get a damn thing to clone or appear.

using code from user-guide

Dim pb As PushButton pb = New PushButton1 //create clone pb.Caption = "Clone" pb.Left = Me.Left + Me.Width + 10

does not compile, we all know why.

using code, as i swore worked in prior released ive played with. and fundamentals. nothing is happening lmao. this includes calling a class obj from project.

am i really missing something here…

thanks in adv. as always xD

Pushbutton1 must be a member of a control set.

Select the button and use the gear icon in the inspector to make a new control set.


oh snap. thanks man. so simple. cant believe i missed it -_-

Somebody moved the cheese. It used to not be a hidden option. So don’t feel bad about missing it.