ClipResize Utility for MacOS

I use screen caps to the clipboard very often, but got tired of having to always use another app to resize the captured image to a “polite” size for embedding in emails and so forth, especially since getting a new MBP with Retina display. So I wrote a utility that gets the required keystrokes down to a bare minimum: just invoke a macro that starts the grab and launches ClipResize, then go to your target app and paste. It’s free, hope it may be useful to others.

Thank you for sharing. Very useful - will check it out

I capture to the Clipboard, then fire Preview (or Gimp, but usually Preview) to eventually modify the capture.

Remember, you can capture part of the screen / the window or the whole window NOT depending if that window is fully displayed on screen.

Want to know more ?

In a file:
cmd-shift-4: select the screen area to be copied
cmd-shift-4+space+click: select the window to be copied

In the clipboard: press also the ctrl key.

You also have the more traditional cmd-3 (all monitors: one file for each connected monitor) cmd-shift-3 same as previous, but in the Clipboard.

There is a note somewhere, but where ?

Yes, Emile, I know all that and have used capture a portion to clipboard for years, always then going to Photoshop to resize, but it’s tedious. My utility gets rid of the necessity to go to another program to resize, eliminating about 6 steps (Photoshop-New-Paste-Resize-Select All-Copy). If you program a macro utility like Automator or Better Touch Tool to start the screen grab then launch ClipResize, the whole process becomes Screencap - Go to target app - Paste.