Clipboard unstable?

Im trying to track down a difficult yet severe crash that people are reporting.
In the code, I have a number of things happening.

A collection of objects is iterated through.
I get a count, and from that down to 1, I get the object, set it to nil, then delete it from the collection, ending up with an empty collection.
Then I create a new clipboard object and set the picture to an existing picture.

When the app crashes, it does it hard and without going through exception handling.

I have been suspicious of the clipboard object for years, and even took the step of making the ‘copy picture to clipboard’ a user preference.
But has anyone else had trouble with clipboard: corrupting / eating memory? Causing the app to run slower and slower (especially under Cocoa)

Which platform? (also: you should probably move this question to the correct Target sub-forum)

Mostly OSX Cocoa (but odd similar reports on Windows, which is why I posted in General.)
Not sure how to move a question… :slight_smile:

I thought it was possible to move a post, but now I don’t recall, either.

Anyway. On OSX I might be able to help. After all, I’m maintaining a powerful clipboard manager written in Xojo :slight_smile:

Though, I am not using Xojo’s Clipboard class for that but instead the native APIs, which I’ve also added to macoslib (“CarbonPasteboard” is the one that’d give you the most control). Maybe, by using that, you can at least get this under control on OSX for now.

Do you have any crash reports on OSX that you could send me?

Oh, how I wish I had.
It’s one of those errors that I can not recreate on my machines, and which happens without going through exception handling.
I’ll see if I can put together anything though.

Maybe, by using that, you can at least get this under control on OSX for now.<<
SOunds like its worth a try.
Is carbonlib still a valid tool for Cocoa builds?

If anyone has such a crash they should be able to find the report in ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports, so if someone tells you about it, ask them to look there (maybe even write a little app that fetches it from there in case people don’t know how to navigate there).

Yes, that part of CarbonLib will remain available functional, probably, as it’s not the part of Carbon that got deprecated. The deprecated part is mainly the user interface stuff.

Has editing of previous posts been deactivated? Even after a refresh in the browser I can’t edit my last post any more.

Oh - this one works. Odd.