Clipboard problems with ControlSet of TextAreas

I have this code working on a single TextArea in the same App, but on a different window.
I have a ControlSet of TextAreas and if I have text in the clipboard e.g. XOJO , assign it for safety, and then copy from the TextArea, I would still get XOJO.
Yes, I have verified the controls text (CREdit(TXClumn).SelectedText) is what it should be (not XOJO).
What else can I do?

[code]Var clip as New Clipboard
Var txt0 As String
txt0 = clip.text
CREdit(TXClumn).Copy//Fails here

Var txt1 As String = clip.text

clip.Text = Prm0L + txt1 + Prm0R

Var d as New Clipboard
d.Text = txt0

New Clipboard takes a snapshot of the clipboard. To see the changes to the clipboard, you need a new Clipboard object after the changes were made. Eg.,

CREdit(TXClumn).Copy  //clip is now out of date
clip = New Clipboard  // grab a fresh snapshot of the clipboard data
Var txt1 As String = clip.text

That’s what snapshot is.

I just checked in TextArea.Copy and Clipboard and it wasn’t there.

That also mean I need a clipboard before the copy to transfer the textavailable - Yes??

Thought I’d post because the debugger results were a little interesting.

[code]Var clip as New Clipboard
Var txt0 As String = clip.text
clip = New Clipboard

Var txt1 As String = clip.text[/code]

The Clipboard didn’t have text until the last line. It didn’t automatically get text.