Clipboard picture not pasting correctly in Windows

I’m having an issue with pasting images from the Windows clipboard into an ImageWell. The way my program works is there is an ImageWell control on the form in which i want to paste an image copied to the clipboard from a web page or another application. The code looks like this:

dim c As New Clipboard if c.PictureAvailable Then myImage.Image = c.Picture //myImage is my ImageWell control end if

On my Mac (OS X 10.11) if I copy an image from a website to the clipboard and then execute the above code the picture is pasted into the ImageWell correctly. On Windows 7 when I paste the image it shows up distorted and off color.

Is there a different way to do this?

Distorted how ?

Off color how ? is the color different from the original, or does the rendition feel somewhat less vivid than Mac ? On Mac, color profiles are applied which actually distort original color, but make them look more intense. Not on Windows.

Screen shots with side-by side of the original and the copy would certainly help.

Is this relevant?

Maybe try MBS Plugin?

or of course use older Xojo 2016r3 or wait for 2017r1.

For example, here is an original image:

if I copy that to the clipboard and then paste it into an ImageWell on Windows it looks like this:

On OS X it looks like the original.

EDIT: I’m actually developing on Xojo 2016r4.1for Windows. When I run it on Mac I don’t cross-compile but rather I start the IDE on Mac and run from there.

This does not happen in 2016R3. I have uninstalled 2016R4.1 but I suspect it to be a the result of implementing Direct2D.

You should file a bug report.

You got it I will do that.

Created Feedback Case #47040