Clipboard "Cut" not working in the IDE, again

This problem was reported as early as 2016, maybe earlier. It has returned in Xojo2022r4.1

Select some text in the IDE. “Cut” it. Then “Paste”. Result: The pasted text is not the text that was cut. It’s whatever text was previously on the clipboard.

Mac, Linux, Windows? Version?

Can’t reproduce on mac Mojave.

Mac Studio, Monterey. It doesn’t happen every session.
Same as reported in 2016

same as reported in 2018

reported again in 2020

It’s a real thing. Restarting the IDE does not solve the problem. It is seriously annoying.

On Windows 11 I see it, too.
It seems to get worse if 2 or more projects are opened and I copied and pasted some code from one project to another before.

Lack of available memory…