Clients Cannot Connect To The Server

Xojo 2017r2B4
Windows 2012 SE

Hello everyone!

I managed to run my web app in the local server (a Windows 2012 Server Edition) using reverse proxy in IIS but other computers cannot find it. In the server, all ran successfully:

Any tips? Thanks!

Can the clients ping the server using the site name as bound in IIS? Also have a look at

Is port 9000 open in your firewall?

Not required if using reverse proxy. This smells like a DNS issue.

@David Cox , thank you for chiming in. Wayne is I think correct because I cannot even ping the server from the workstation.

@Wayne Golding , yes, Wayne, I was searching around and actually watching your youtube post before I read your reply to this thread. I’m quite sure that the problem does not lie on my installation as clearly it is working in the server. Unfortunately, I am not a network guy so I have a bit of difficulty in troubleshooting this kind of challenge. Win2012 SE requires to download some wizard program in order for the workstation to connect to the server and my hunch is it needs an internet connection to apply some app in it because after I entered my user credentials, it always fail to proceed. The site I’m working on doesn’t have an internet connection so I wonder if there is an offline client-installer for Win2012.

It doesn’t look like there is a DHCP server on your network ip as address is typical of the default ip address used when none can be found. You could try setting the ip address of the server to say and then your clients to addresses and upwards. Then edit the hosts file on each client to map the host name of the web site to (this is covered in my movie). Then your clients should be able to access the site (and attach to any shared resources on the server).

Ok, I will try this. Thanks a bunch!