Clickable custom map

Hi all,

Is it possible to create a clickable map? I am thinking of having a Canvas where the user would upload an image of a map and set as a background. The user would then be able to draw certain shapes on the map like lines and polygons. These would then be saved and become clickable objects.

I just need general pointers here for now, not a full solution.



as to “general pointers”, what beyond the graphics functions and mouse functions of a canvas are you looking for?

(you only asked on yes/no question :slight_smile: )

Haha! Thanks but slightly more elaboration would be great :slight_smile:

yes it would, as as soon as you do, you might find people will be able to give you more information

Christos, to add to what Dave just said, why don’t you describe just a bit more what you whsh to do. Are you for example looking to do something akin to Google maps, or say a geopolitical map where each country is a clickable area that triggers different processes?

It is hard for anyone to help without at least a clue about what you are looking to do.

Get an eye on the MouseDown Event, you will find the X,Y parameters that will let you know where in the map your user clicked.

Same kind of technique used in Web clickeable images (maps).