Click X or Red Ball on Main Window

What is the standard or proper behavior for:

Clicking REd Ball on the Mac
Clicking Red X on Windows

I assumed it was “close any open documents and exit the app”
but someone was telling me on Mac it should just close the document
and NOT quit the App.

it should just close the window on macOS or Win
it could optionally close the app if it is the last window open, but that would depend on the app itself

In both cases it would be the last window open most likely…
so closing the app is up to me or on Mac should app stay open?

Depends on the app… if it can (should) open another document via the menu, then don’t close it.
otherwise set APP.AUTOQUIT=TRUE in APP Open, and it will handle it automatically for you

The standard on Mac is to leave the app running so it can open the next document quickly. The standard on Win is to close the app and free up resources. You can override it by setting AutoQuit on either platform.

Thanks as always!