Clearing the memory cache between Xojo Relaunches

While we all hope that the Linux IDE’s memory consumption is resolved sooner than later, here’s another command to add to your toolkit to help clean up system Cache between Xojo relaunches:

sync ; sudo echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches

Details here:
Linux drop_caches

Sounds like a bad idea when you know how virtual memory works.

If memory is needed cache pages are freed as needed and as long as the cache exists it can help the os to be faster…

If the pages are locked, they are not cleared. This is a safe mechanism. In this case, Xojo is not doing “the right thing” causing cached buffers to stick around after the IDE is closed - especially in the event of the extremely long shutdown and killing the app.

However, you can make for possible trouble if you echo a value of 3 instead of 1 …