Clearing iPhone crash logs

Whenever an app I have deployed to my phone crashes and I am plugged into Xcode I get an error message of:

Jasons-iPhone ReportCrash[13236] <Error>: Not saving crash log because we have reached the limit for logs to store on disk.  Sync or otherwise clear logs from /var/mobile/Library/Logs/CrashReporter to save new logs.

I am unable to sync my phone with iTunes to clear the logs because it attempts to restore my phone every time I plug it in. Does anyone know how I can clear logs on my phone without syncing in iTunes? I’ve tried deleting them from Xcode but it doesn’t seem to help. I really need to be able to see crash logs since my current project must be deployed to a device to function. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

On xCode, Device window, press the View Device Logs button
Select this device
rightclick on a log title (or select all…) on the right then select delete on the contextual menu

Yeah I have already tried that. Xcode doesn’t show any logs when I click on that button, but the error message still occurs. Is there another method of clearing the logs?

Did you install iOS 8.2 and are using Xcode 6.1 ?
6.1 cant read the device logs from iOS 8.2 devices :frowning:

No, I’m still using 8.1.1 on my phone, so that shouldn’t be the problem.

I finally managed to figure this out after I reinstalling iTunes. Everything works now and the logs are properly cleared when I sync my phone. Thanks for the suggestions!