Clear cache HTMLviewer

I have a HTMLViewer and i load a site, If I change the theme of the site, some images are called equal charge me old pictures until you change or upgrade page. But this happens to me even with the regular browser.

How can I do to clear the cache in HTMLViewer?

I asked about this recently and it seems to be pretty much impossible.

I essentially gave up, but here is the thread. Maybe you will have better luck.

Mac? Win? Linux?

Via Plugin we can request things to load ignoring cache.

Declares as well…

Javascript is your friend. A fickle friend, but a friend.

Either put a link in the HTML (if you have control over it) with the following Javascript in the onclick= event or send the HTMLviewer the javascript from your code using executeJavascript (don’t recall the method exactly, but that’s close)


It’s the ‘true’ that forces the reload from server. A quick Google turns this up for reference.


I have included a ReloadFromOrigin method in the XF module < >
I have only tested it on Windows, but there is commented out code for Linux and Windows that should work if you set your HTMLViewer renderer to WebKit (am going to be adding Linux and Windows declares over the weekend)