Classic framework documentation gone ?

Hi there,

I’m updating an application, build with 2019r1.1 and not using API 2.0 or the iOS framework.

Where is the ‘classic’ framework LR documentation gone ?
The few document I needed for the ‘classic’ framework (Folderitem, TextInputStream, TextOutputStream) are all updated to API 2.0.
Same for examples, they are all updated to API2.0 and use API2 method/properties.

It was said that the migration to API 2.0 was not mandatory and that we could continue develop/maintain applications with previous Xojo releases.
This is not possible without proper documentation.

Some features/methods are new or deprecated, it’s obvious, but there’s not even a mention of them.

It’s becoming harder every time. The so called iOS Framework LR is not strictly for iOS as many classes are for other platforms (Xojo.IO, Xojo.Data, Xojo.Core, …).

Most of other tools online documentation I’m using are version based, Xojo is a big mix.

So, where is the classic framework documentation gone ?

if you’re on a mac, you can use dash to have all previous documentations.
otherwise, open 2019r11 to get the help window.

@Jean-Yves Pochez , thanks, but …

I’m on mac and have Dash and it shows 2019r1 doc. But AFAIK Dash has a single docset for Xojo, only one version, so when Dash updates the docset to Xojo 2019r2 we loose 2019r1. I don’t see a way to keep multiple docset versions.
I’m still running Dash 2.2, maybe I need to upgrade to the paid Dash 3.

From the Xojo 2019r1.1 Help window, I don’t see anything other than Xojo Documentation Center and Online LR, which both are redirecting to 2019r2 online documentation.

You could also use the in built LR instead of redirecting to the web, unfortunately because xojo doesn’t utilise a client side doc updater, the in built LR will only be the version they released with the version, any updates to that version that were on the live site between 2019r1.1 and 2019r2 won’t be shown, but its pretty close.

Hi @ ,
I didn’t know about the selective version downloads from Dash.

Thanks for the tip !

You can also get (for the moment; how long ?) the previous documentation; example:

Of course, it says that entry is deprecated and use DateTime, but the page is there.

This is going to get annoying. I am not using 2019R2 for a number of reasons

I want to sort a list box, descending
I search google
Xojo Listbox Sort descending

and I see the property is ColumnSortDirectionAt

But it doesn’t work.
Have I spelled it incorrectly?
In my Xojo it is ColumnSortDirection

is the documentation incorrect?
Nope. Apparently this is ‘how it is now’

Is it me- what the heck did adding At , achieve?
ColumnSortDirection makes sense as 3 words in English and does what it says on the tin.

Column Sort Direction At makes no sense in English, would never be ‘guessable’, and now means that online help actively lost me time today since what is online only works for the comparative handful of people who have installed 2019R2

It is annoying right now…

The only solution I found was to set 2017R2.1 LR to local, as described above by Julian.

That said, at least on Mac, I plan on moving to API 2.00 at one point or another for all new projects. For existing projects, as long as API 1.00 is still supported, I do not want to create new bugs by changing to API 2.00.

On Windows, the loss of transparency with Direct2D in canvas and other controls such as label is a definite show stopper for several apps. Not to mention a breach of the “one source, compile for several platforms” promise. Especially since the IDE shows a transparent control.

every older version has the local docs
this is true going back a number of versions