Class Referring to Class of which it is a Property

I have a class (Deck). One of its properties is an array of another class (Rib). I have an instance of this Deck class - Dk.

I want Rib to be able to access some other property of Deck. So I want Rib to “know” the instance of the Deck class of which it is in a property array.

So I can imagine a property of Rib being an instance of the Deck class. Specifically the instance of which is it (the Rib) is a property.

So I imagine that in the Constructor of the Dk instance I would create all the Ribs and set a property of the Rib class to “myself” as it were.

What is the syntax for that?

Alternatively, how should I be approaching this problem of a class instance (A) that is the property of a separate class instance (B) “knowing” the class instance of which it is a property. I want ( A) to have access to other properties of (B)

Use Me. However, be aware that this creates a circular reference so you have to be a little more careful with disposing of the instances. You have to break the circular reference explicitly before you get rid of the instances. One way would be to redim the array of ribs to -1 before you dispose of the deck instance.

Thanks for the answer, particularly for the warning about the circular reference.

I may chicken out and keep the Deck properties that I need in some global structure, perhaps a Dictionary, that all the contained property classes such as Rib and the Deck instance itself can refer to as necessary. In this particular project, there is only one Deck instance in existence.

But if I am feeling bolder and more “class oriented” in this or other projects I will use Me.

or dont do that at all and keep “rib” completely in the dark about what owns it
have the rib instances ASK for the deck using an event

Class Rib
          event def WhatDeck() as Deck

          public sub whoOwnsMe() 
                    dim d as Deck = WhatDeck()
          end sub
End Class

Class Deck
    private property mRibs() as Rib
    public sub addRib( ribInstance as Rib) 
           addhandler  ribInstance.WhatDeck, addressof DeckResponder
           mRibs.append ribInstance
     end sub

    public sub removeRib( ribInstance as Rib) 
              dim idx as integer = mRibs.indexOf(ribInstance)
               if idx >= 0 then
                 removehandler ribInstance.WhatDeck, addressof DeckResponder
                 mRibs.remove idx
              end if
     end sub

    Private Sub DeckResponder( instance as Rib ) as Deck
               return self
    end sub
End Class

the example is here

Now if you nil the reference to deck all the ribs go away automatically

Awesome Norm. Will play with this.