Clarifying Notarization

I have been using App Wrapper and thank you Sam for giving me some chance at wading through this process.
I have been following Sams instructions and getting the desired result but I guess at the expense of really understanding the last step of Notarizing.
I understand that the signed App is sent to Apple and they approve it and email you a receipt.

Does anything actually happen to the Wrapped App? Or
Does Apple just add you to a database of approved apps and the signed/wrapped app is what is ok to distribute?

Does AW download the notarised App or is that something I have to do? If so where do I I do that?

"Once it’s configured, you simple use App Wrapper to wrap your application and it will create the DMG and submit them both to Apple. When App Wrapper gets confirmation from Apple that it’s okay, it asks the OS to attach the Notarization information to the DMG file.

To answer your questions on the forum, the application is not modified, there is a reference created at Apple, and also included in the DMG file.

I hope that this makes sense."

Thanks Sam