Chrome Browser and Web Canvas

One of my Web apps uses quite a few Web Canvases as navigation buttons. I was using Image View controls and swapping Gif or PNG images, but it seemed to be too slow for that use. Now, Safari works, Firefox seems to work, and Chrome keeps baling with the black box saying I should report it. The most I can get out of the copy it provides about the error is that "Web Canvas is undefined, bla, bla. I’m using the newest version of Chrome on Mac Mini with gobs of RAM and HD space on a local OSX Server network. Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround? I haven’t even attempted debugging on IE yet…

A sample project attached to a Feedback report would be best. I don’t think we’ve heard about this before.

OK - I’ll see if I can come up with one tomorrow. In the meantime, here are the top few lines in the error msg I get:

Could not execute returned javascript: webcanvas is not defined
Source: new frameworkObject(‘HDx1yyOY’,[]);
new frameworkObject(‘CuI8VU6J’,[]);
new frameworkObject(‘HJHGgEJz’,[]);

No sure if this is the issue or not but when I get errors these are what I found to be the cause.

  1. Trying to manipulate a control prior to the browser creating it. So don’t have anything in the open events use shown instead.

  2. Clearing Cache - sometimes browser will keep an old version of the project where you have added a new control that wasn’t there the last time you ran the program.

Thanks Rob - Clearing the cache on Chrome seems to work. It’s difficult to find where to do it on Chrome, (under Tools, Clear Browser Data. Gives you the option of clearing only the cache, or a lot of other stuff). Never knew it was there.

Yeah no problem - another thing I do is just do a hard refresh. I forget either cmd R or cmd shift R seems to do the trick as well.