Choice of 128 bit Hash functions

Am I correct in assuming that MD5 is the most common 128 bit hash function? I need to pick a hash function that produces a 128 bit result. Speed is more important than high security, because this will simply be used to generate a dictionary lookup key, but I’d like to use an algorithm that’s common across many different platforms besides Xojo.

We have a SHA1MBS class in MBS Xojo Encryption Plugin.

It’d say all the hash functions available in Xojo would be considered “common”. Since security is not an issue, md5 is a fine choice, but you should test for speed.

MD5 was the only one I found that was 128 bit, but I may have missed some. Speed is more of a concern than security. So, maybe I should have asked, what is the fastest commonly available 128 bit hash function? This is just for a traditional hash table, but I’d still like good entropy to avoid collisions.

You can just make a 256 or 512 bit hash and just take the first 128 bits.