Chm help files

I would like to buy the ‘Winchm’ program for creating .chm help files for my programs in Windows.
It is a bit pricey so just a few questions :
Is it still widely used for help files (chm) ?
If not is there perhaps a way that a chm file can be read by XOJO ?

I really like the way chm files are shown on screen.
I tested the demo of ‘Winchm’ and it is also possible to create Pdf or Docx files from the chm file.

IMHO it will be easier to make html files (and free)
easy to display inside xojo app (just use an html viewer)
and easy to display on a web site, or in a browser locally.
there are also lots of utility to convert html to pdf if needed.

for the price of Winchm, I would rather go for


much more bang for the buck

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Thanks for the replies.

HelpNdoc looks a great solution. I will try the free version before eventually buying it.
Thanks for pointing me to it.

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As another option, there is also which I’ve used in the past.

I have used that one to, but its interface is from the ninities :O, but it works