.child folderitem adds : to /

I have a stored file name that I got via replace(f1.nativepath, f2.nativepath) where f2 is the parent folder.
It is stored as /Grammar List.txt . I have this line which works elsewhere

pf = IniHerd.ThColl.Child(ts)

pf is folderitem result. ts is the string. ThColl is the parent.
For some reason this : is being added after the / like this.

If I add .nativepath after the (ts) it won’t be accepted.

I’m not sure that I’m exactly following what you are trying to do with your code, but just FYI, “/” is a valid character in a file name in macOS, but it will be replaced by “:” in a native path due to “/” being reserved as a directory separator.

Trying to be more clear, a file on the desktop named “/test.txt” will result in the following path strings:

Native path = ~/Desktop/:test.txt
Shell path = ~/Desktop/\:test.txt

I hope that helps you track down your issue.

And a : in a file name is illegal
IF you try to type one in it is rejected
And if you try to create file with one in the name it wont work either

thanks. Unfortunately it’s good and bad.
It’s bad because the other file, “inipaths.ini”, I loaded so far by .child method doessn’t have the : in the nativepath.
It also was declared “inipaths.ini” and without the /
Just to clarify. MacOs added the :

I think the issue is that you are using Replace to get the file name when you should just be using “FolderItem.Name”

For example:
If your file path is “/Users/name/Desktop/test.txt” and your parent path is “/Users/name/Desktop”
Then using replace to remove the parent path from the file path will result in “/test.txt” since the parent path does not end with “/”

Thanks. I was trying to figure out previous code that removed the / or \
What I did elsewhere with other filenames was remove the file separator ( / or \ ) from the path, and I wouldn’t get the protest. This was also used for a partial path (the parent was several folders above the actual file).
I couldn’t find anything under the child method requiring it or not. Nor could I find anything under name.