Checkbox issue

I have tried to list few group of data from database using check box. I have 3 group of data with a check box for each group and an additional check box to uncheck all the group data.
Conceptually, I delete all data in listbox when I enable uncheck Box.
My issue is when I try to disable any checkbox belonging to a group, my system keep loading and stops functioning. Kindly help me to solve this issue.

A screenshot and some code would enable us to help. A rather confusing description not so much.

Most likely, you are changing other checkboxes in the action event of a checkbox, which triggers the action of the other checkboxes, who in turn change other checkboxes, and on and on in an infinite loop.

@Tim Hare we are having three checkbox with values as group 1,group2 and group 3. I am having a listbox with the three group values in the list the help we want if we uncheck group 1 means only that data should remove from the datalist… But now we are facing the issue as it removes the total datalist values by using the method datalist. Deleteall rows…

If you ask Xojo to delete all rows, do not complain if it just do that.

Instead, use

To do that, you have to pass the Row # to be deleted (in the reverse order: the larger / the first to the lower/the end).

Something like…

For Loop_Idx = TotalRows Down To 0 // if this is the last Row # to check If datalist.Cell(LoopIdx,1) = "group2" Then // adapt that to your case datalist.RemoveRow(LoopIdx) End If Next

@Emile Schwarz Now it was working Thanks for the help after solving this I am facing one issue if I uncheck the checkbox the list of data are removing from the datalist but only one data was displayed…