Do I smell a challenge here? :sunglasses::nerd_face:

We’ve got some work to do :wink:

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And now I asked if I can write an IDE with Xojo… :flushed:

And a simple “Hello World example”. It just blows my mind! :flushed:
It even does the Xojo syntax highlighting!

ChatGPT can by a very handy tool to Learning Xojo. I just asked what was considered “White space”. It clearly knows it’s whereabouts in the Xojo language. It must have seen the Xojo Webinars :wink:

I have ChatGPT writing 3 table SQL joins for me… I can trip it up and get an invalid query but still pretty amazing.

For example, I tell it to “list names of …” and the query it generates correctly starts “select fname, lname from <etc…>”… so it correctly figures out that when I ask for “names” it should select those 2 fields.

I assume that if I did not use reasonable names for those 2 fields it would not work… but then any human writing the SQL would have the same problem. And keep in mind that ChatGPT does not actually have access to any data in my DB… all it has is the name of each table and its field names.