Chat GPT and Xojo Update

GPT and other comprehensive language models previously did not have knowledge of Xojo, especially its API2 —The API 2 situation was merely bad timing.

Yet, as of the latest version, updated until April 2023, Chat GPT appears to be acquainted with Xojo.

Instead of identifying the code as “VB,” it provided me with this:


Using GPT-4:

Prompt 1: Design and code a Xojo module to store key pairs in a sqlite database.

Used API 1 (Recordset), created the database twice, did not give me the function parameter’s

Prompt 2: Design and code a Xojo module to store key pairs in a sqlite database. Use API 2. Take a deep breath and ensure nothing is missed, and everything will work correctly.

Used API 2 except for SQLExecute, however it used the format of ExecuteSQL, and was corrected with a replace all.


I have created a GPT for Xojo API 2 (Requires ChatGPT Plus)

Output for: Design and code a Xojo module to store key pairs in a sqlite database.

Note: Custom GPT’s just disappeared from my account, and the site is playing up. Ill make sure it’s active as soon as it starts working again.


It’s back, If you have ChatGPT Plus it should be active for you.


nice thanks !:slight_smile:

latest update, this is going fast !

we can import pdf now, meaning we can import xojo doc and ask question ?

Xojo documentation is back as pdf ?

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it’s just a file format, never tried importing pdfs myself, i wish i would have time to test it in some ways…

chatgpt (and also privategpt that is local to your machine) can import pdf, but also html and almost any kind of documents
and xojo doc is in html
I may give it a try … :wink:

Does anyone know how to access the HTML version of the Xojo documentation?

I’ve tried using SiteSucker to download the online documentation, but it resulted in a massive number of files – around 22,000! This is too much for GTP to handle effectively. (I could probably fool around and cull out all of the prior versions because the documentation appears to be on the site still)

However, I was thinking, if there’s a straightforward method to consolidate all these HTML files into a single PDF, it would make the entire documentation upload much more manageable.

I’m wondering if Xojo Inc. might be able to provide some assistance here, perhaps by sharing a compiled version of the documentation? It seems like it would be beneficial for them as well.

on macos it is easy: Reference

Wow, you brought me back to the 1990s and 2000s with a mention of SiteSucker.

It’s been … a while … since I last saw that software in use.

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I appreciate the information. Now: How does one get that pile of HTML documents converted over to a PDF document easily?

i still use it when needed, is there’s something better ?
about doc, it remembered me we talked about the offline doc in the app, it’s the resource folder i guess
reminds me I have to update Xol sometimes, don’t do too much xojo work these days :frowning:
it’s a luxury to have time to work with Xojo…
but in xol there is all the http address of the doc, can’t we feed gpt with links ?

for me, chatgpt can read all sort of documents, not only pdf, but also text files, html for sure, docx, xlsx.
you don’t have to convert these html to pdf
I don’t have the paid chatgpt so cannot test the above, but I will test privategpt that seems to do the same locally.

@Daniel_Mullins I’ve been playing around with the Xojo Companion and so far I’m getting error free Xojo code. Pretty cool!


That’s great to hear. I have been using it and tweaking it for edge cases, and am working on ways to make it better :slight_smile:

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As of this posting, it has disappeared from my login.

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I tried a week ago: you cannot buy a subscription to access ChatGPT version 4 at this time.

Meanwhile there is the confusing disruption of OpenAI with Altman kicked out etc.

Hello All,

I wanted to update you that the link has been removed for now. Geoff Perlman and I are collaborating to refine it, as it’s not ready for exposure to new Xojo users due to accuracy concerns. It’s not public at this stage, but we plan to invite seasoned users for testing soon.


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now that everything return to nomal, why can’t we use your xojo tool ?you can fine tune it in the background no ?