ChartPart version 4

CULLY Technologies, LLC is proud to announce the updating and the release of ChartPart project to version 4.
ChartPart is a charting tool written completely in Xojo, intended for Xojo developers to use within their commercial or non-commercial applications when they are in need of simple charts and graphs.

ChartPart is a subclass of the Xojo canvas control, and creates Bar, Stacked Bar, Line, and Pie charts to be used in Xojo applications.

New features are:
NOTE: This version breaks backwards compatibility. Please fully test your chart generation carefully.

  1. Multiple series, each with multiple values to be charted. Previous versions only allowed one series.
  2. New chart type: Stacked bar
  3. Can now chart negative values in bar, line, and stacked bar chart types.
  4. Series label and location options.
  5. More value label options and options for the location of the labels.
    Requirements: ChartPart matches the development requirements of the Xojo environment.

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