Chartdots on the Chart

I would like to know if there is a way to make the dots on the chart smaller or remove them altogether.


Hi @jonathan_yun

Yep. Starting with Xojo 2023r3 it is posible to set the endpoint of a ChartData Set to any of the many available styles including “None”. For example, this sets the endpoint to the style “cross”:

Var data2() As Double
For i As Integer = 1 To 12
  data2.Add(System.Random.InRange(5, 40))
Var myset As ChartLinearDataset = New ChartLinearDataset("Line Data", Color.Blue, True, data2)
myset.Style.EndPoint = ChartLinearStyle.EndPoints.Cross

You can find more info about new chart related features/improvements added with Xojo 2023r3 in this blog post.

I don’t want to remove the dots; I want to make them smaller.

End Point size

Hi, currently there is no an option to make them smaller… so I focused on the second part of your question (bold).

Please, don’t hesitate to create a feature request for making dots size smaller in charts:


thank u