Chartdirector Xojo 2016R4.1 Crosshair Flicker

When I open or compile(64 and 32 bi) the Chartdirector example Crosshair with Axis Labels.xojo_binary_project on a Windows machine I get a tremendous flicker. In Xojo 2016R3 the example is very smooth when the cursor is moved. Any ideas for a fix?

Are you using the latest up to date ChartDirector plugin?
2016r4 changed drawing to Direct2D and plugins should be updated.

Yes, I updated to MBS Plugins in version 16.5 for 2016r4.

Please set the transparent flag for the canvas to false.

Seems like the IDE turned it on.

Changing the transparent flag fixed the issue for the example project, but my project is still flickering. The differences:
1)I have a canvas on a window instead of MyControl
2) The picture is drawn in a method that is part of the window instead of the open event of the canvas

I added this code yesterday to all the projects using a Canvas:

[code] // fix some properties if set wrong in IDE

	me.DoubleBuffer = false
	me.EraseBackground = false
	#if RBVersion >= 2013.0 then
			me.Transparent = False


This should remove flicker as it removes the canvas first drawing gray background and than the content.

And change all calls to “invalidate” to be “me.invalidate”, so only the canvas is invalidated, not the window.

Changing the invalidate fixed the problem. I can’t thank you enough Christian.