ChartDirector Transparent Background Colour on Windows is Black

In ChartDirector you can (must?) specify the Background Colour for the Chart as a Double.

I have been setting the default background to Transparent (&hFFFF0000) which gives a white-looking Picture background on my HTML-based charts when produced in macOS and iOS. But when the exact same code runs on Windows the background is Black. If I force the Background Colour to be White (&h00FFFFFF) on Windows the chart appears with a correct White background.

  1. Why is Transparency showing as Black on Windows only?
  2. Should a Chart background be Transparent or White or doesn’t it matter?
  3. Will a Transparent background create a smaller Picture than a White background?

Windows Chart:

macOS Chart:

:grinning: Transparency? :rofl:

You ask ChartDirector to make a PNG, right?

Yes. I return the Chart as a Picture then embed this Picture into the HTML using:

"<div align=""center""><img alt=""Embedded Image"" src=""data:image/png;base64," + EncodeBase64MBS(PictureToPNGStringMBS(tempPicture)) + """ /></div>"