Chartdirector: Removing Percentage Values from Labels?

Another reason I am glad I bought the last OmegaBundle is ChartDirector, which I try to use now for the first time (and its speed an features are really amazing!). But the manual comes with > 1000 pages, and I ’m completely lost in it – I cannot find out how to remove the percentage values CD adds automatically to my labels. It’s probably in the setLabelFormat method, but all my attempts to modify it to only show the custom label I set produced funny different results but never the intended.
Any hints?

Thanks a lot!

some code code?
What do you use for setLabelFormat?
Maybe you ask for the percent?

Nothing at all, because I don’t understand the syntax. I thought { label } would be a placeholder for it, but once I use it all the pieces display { label } :wink:
I’m only feeding the data with double values (whose values are only 1 or 2) and a string array with the label texts.

Ok, I finally figured out that I took the documentation too literally and should have written {label} instead of { label }. :wink:
So far, that works now, but no I wonder how I can determine that circular labels on a pie chart keep a certain distance to each other. A you can see here, at the very top and bottom they overlap (or are at least much too close to each other vertically). I thought modifying the CDTextBoxMBS’ height would help, but that doesn’t seem to influence their position.