ChartDirector Compile Fail on Windows

I get the following error when compiling in 64-bit on a Windows 7 computer.

"Plugin “MBS Real Studio ChartDirector Plugin.rbx:0 is not supported for Windows”

It compiles and works fine if I compile to a 32-bit executable. Any suggestions?

that would be true if

  1. you have an older 32 bit only version
  2. chart director really does only support 32 bit

Thank you for the quick reply Norman. I just purchased ChartDirector in mid October, so it should be the latest version. So if I use ChartDirector, I cannot compile 64-bit executables?

as far as I know it does have a 64 bit portion for Windows

so i’m not sure why you;d be getting this message

Quit Xojo and clear caches please.
Looks like the compiler is confused.

Feel free to report a case in feedback with those cache files.

@Bryan Dodson What Xojo version is that?

I made a feedback case: <>

Hi Christian,

Thank you for making a feedback case.

I am using 2016r3.

I closed Xojo, rebooted my computer, restarted Xojo and received the same error.

Below is more info on the computer Xojo is installed on.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise
Service Pack: Service Pack 1
OS Version: 6.1.7601
OS Type: x64-based PC
Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
Model: HP ZBook 15
Total Phisical Memory: 16185 MB
Windows Directory: C:\Windows
Harddisk/Free space (C:): 466 GB / 154 GB

Cache cleared?


Hi Christian

I deleted the folder

C:\Users\udeb1d\AppData\Local\Temp\Xojo Scratch

and received the same error.

I also deleted the folders:

Xojo Inc.

and the error persists.

I just downloaded the demo and tested “finance” and “candlestick” examples.

The .xojo_plugin version built x64 app no problem on my Windows 7 Pro x64.
The .rbx version is no go for x64. I do not know what is the difference.

Xojo 2016r3

.rbx is for Real Studio (and thus no 64 bit). You’ll want to use the .xojo_plugin versions of all your plugins.

This is what I suspected but wasn’t sure.

This explain why Bryan is getting the compile x64 error.

I am using the rbx version of the plugin. I will download the Xojo version, and hopefull it works. Thank you very much Cho and Bob.

Yeah, it’s easy to download the wrong one. Heck, I’ve been using Real Studio/Xojo for 15 years and I downloaded the wrong version last week. Stuff happens.

I installed the Xojo version of the plugin and everything works perfectly. Thanks for all the support. This forum is a life saver.

I wonder how this happened and what I could change.

When you download ChartDirectory, you get an archive with a folder Xojo Plugins and the plugin inside.
Why did you pick the rbx file?

Hi Christian,

I do not know what you could change. I saw the first folder with the Real Studio plugins, and did not even notice the Xojo folder. Perhaps a readme file in each folder with a big warning.

Again, I apologize for the inconvience, and I want to thank you and everyone on this board for all the help.


you have - unfortunately - nothing to change: it is Xojo fault ! :wink: They’d better used a ‘a’ starting name instead of a ‘x’ started name: people would see the a starting name and pick the right plug in (if they are current). :wink:

For the “legacy” users, they pick the right plugin and everything is OK.

Nota: I use irony :wink: because I am sure that I am able to naturally fall into this kind of error :frowning:

and I use REALbasic since version 1 (REALbasic 1.a24), 20 years ago !