ChartDirector 7 preview

The next version of ChartDirector, version 7, will come in winter, either end of 2020 or early 2021.

Below please find some images showing the new chart types and features in ChartDirector. It includes:

  • Treemap charts
  • Discrete heat maps
  • Circular bar meters/guages
  • New surface chart features
    • 4D charts
    • Surface projections
    • Custom surface lines, zones and images
    • Surface Chart Tooltips
  • Contour cross section and tooltips. It also demostrates coloring an XYChart (the cross section charts) using a contour layer color axis.
  • Multi-color line chart

There are some ChartDirector version 7 features cannot be easily demonstrated using static images, so we have not prepared images for them. They include:

  • Scalable bitmap output (useful for High DPI support, and high resolution printing usage)
  • Multi-Page PDF output (allows user to generate simple PDF reports without a separate PDF library)
  • Big Data support - charts with 100M points updated in realtime, with zooming/scrolling and track cursors
  • CDML support in tooltips. This allows tooltips with icons, complex text formatting, semi-transparent background, etc…

The final list of features in the release will be announced when the version 7 is finished. But as all those screenshots are made from the development version, we are confident, they will be included in the final product. You have a few days left to get a license with OmegaBundle or directly from us.